Satcon String Inverter

  • 4 independent MPP inputs
  • Type 4 (IP65) protection rating
  • Complete grid management functions, including ZVRT, HVRT, LFRT, HFRT, etc.

Satcon String Inverter

Satcon Excellent Heritage

The String inverter series is an extension of the Satcon advance central  inverter technology. It preserves the excellent heritage of proven reliability and streamlined design.



Profitable PV Power


This 3-phase transformerless inverter has 4 independent MPPT inputs with maximum input voltage of 1000VDC and has a peak efficiency of over 98%. With the advanced MPPT technology and rugged design, the Satcon string inverter maximizes system uptime and power production.



Cutting Edge Communication Options


The Satcon string inverter offers cutting edge communication options: RS485,Ethernet, USB and WiFi to meet different customers’ requirements and complete grid management features.





The Satcon string inverter is equipped with the following safety protection devices

Built in DC AFCI for UL models
Floating system with all-pole sensitive ground fault protection
Reverse polarity indicator
AC short circuit protection
DC & AC Over-voltage protection


Learn More


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